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Hawg Rub - Large

The Dust is a Must!


Smokey Dust Hawg Rub is based on a recipe that dates back to the early 1930's. A recipe that was developed by a true BBQ master, ol” Tuck as the old-timers used to call him.


Tuck had a passion for BBQ and was often hired out for very large gatherings and sometimes very important private parties because of his skill in the pits. There was no fancy equipment in those days ...simply cinder blocks, a makeshift grate, tin and wood.


Tuck just flat out had a God-given talent for BBQ along with one more thing that set him apart ...he had worked and worked and developed his own rubs. Rubs that he made from tastes in his memory ...tastes that he acquired while working boats up and down the Mississippi River during the latter years of Prohibition. The Delta, Memphis, Kansas City various ports along the way he would seek out BBQ establishments and he knew, he ABSOLUTELY knew he was experiencing some of the most unique and glorious BBQ flavors to be found anywhere. Colors, aromas, layers of goodness that he committed to memory. Memories that he would one day call upon when he finally got back to the Tennessee Valley.


Tuck had discovered the secret was not in the sauce as some would say … was in the rub.


In the latter years of his life, just mere months before he passed away, he offered a good friend of ours a couple of his most prized and guarded possessions ...yes, the recipes for the rubs that he had used all those years. Rubs that dated back to Prohibition days ...rubs that were actually committed to a man’s mind on the Mississippi River and developed on the outskirts of the Tennessee River. Rubs that he used for well over 50 years.


We mixed up his hawg rub and took a taste. It was like a walk back into BBQ history. There were layers to it that you simply don’t find in most rubs. Unique ingredients? No …it was the amount of those ingredients …right down to the very smallest inclusion into the final product. Yes, he had quite obviously worked and worked to get it right …to put his memories into a jar.


We took his recipe and gently tweaked it over the course of several months to add some sweetness on the front end …we were looking for that just right hawg rub. We finally got it and we feel he would be pleased. Today, we're proud to bring back those simpler days and the true art of a legendary BBQ master.


Do the Dust ...then take a taste, close your eyes and think back to those times from years ago. We think you'll enjoy the trip.


As always, all Smokey Dust rubs have no MSG and are gluten-free.


Size: 13 oz

Ingredients: Granulated Honey, Paprika, Salt, Pepper, Granulated Garlic, Sugar, Onion, Cayenne and Cumin

Hawg Rub - Large

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