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Beef Rub - Regular

“Sure, I can cook you up some of the best steaks you folks ever had!”


Ol’ Tuck had a problem though.


You see, he was becoming well known now for his BBQ pork, but honestly, he had never cooked a single steak in his life ...but he needed the money. So, he sat down and again called upon memories of the Mississippi River and a steak he had one night in Kansas City.


He knew he would need a rub with a pleasingly hot base that would crust up, but not overpower the beef. Amazingly, he mixed it up that very afternoon. It was a good thing, the job was the next day.


Eighty some odd years ago. Yep, they say folks talked about those steaks for years and old-timers would tell you THAT was the day the legend of ol’ Tuck was born.


As always, all Smokey Dust rubs have no MSG and are gluten-free.


Size: 4.6 oz

Ingredients: Granulated Honey, Paprika, Salt, Pepper, Granulated Garlic, Sugar, Onion, Cayenne and Cumin

Beef Rub - Regular

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